M Schaffenroth

Master's thesis

Title: "Decision Diagrams for the Efficient Representation of Automotive Configurations".

If you are interested in a copy of the MDD capable fork of the BDD-framework "JINC" you are welcome to write me an email.

medium example for a product configuration decision diagram (MDD)
// this code is not related to the picture
int main(){
// initialize the variables "x" and "y" where each has a codomain of 0 to 2
// declare a path ( x=2 -> 2)
Path p(2);
p[0] = 2;
p = 2;

// delare a second path ( x=2 && y=1 -> 2)
Path p2(2);
p2[0] = 2;
p2[1] = 1;
p2 = 2;
// two MDD functions intialized with the paths
MDDFunction a(p);
MDDFunction b(p2);

// print the paths of the function c = a & b
MDDFunction c = a & b;
MDDFunction::iterator it=c.begin();
std::cout << *it << std::endl;

// declare function d ( x=1 -> 1)
MDDFunction d = MDDFunction("x",1);

// store (c or d) as dot file
// clean unused nodes (every node)

Fractals (canvas)

Koch curve (6 iterations)
Koch curve (4 iterations)
dragon curve (10 iterations)
iterations angle
draw an user defined Lindenmayer system
For more informations on L-systems read the wikipedia article: There are also L-systems for other fractals available if you want to experiment with this script.

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